About Us

About Us

Discovery Planetarium is a portable, inflatable planetarium that comes to the comfort and security of your school and engages students in an immersive 360° learning experience. All for a fraction of the cost of a traditional class or school trip.

There is no need for permission slips, travel expenses, or time away from school. Enjoy the benefits of a field trip – without leaving the gym!

Our planetarium utilizes a custom fish eye projection lenses and a high resolution digital projector to accurately map the universe and dazzle your students. Wth an emphasis on Astronomy and Earth Science – planets, stars, constellations, galaxies, exoplanets, volcanoes, earthquakes, 3D models, full-dome documentaries and much more – are realistically projected in an immersive full-dome theatre environment.

The Discovery Planetarium is quickly and easily set up in most gymnasiums or other large rooms with a high ceiling.  Accessible for persons with disabilities (e.g., wheelchair, scooter, walker, cane, crutches).

Presentations are aligned to the Ontario curriculum and can be custom-tailored by our professional educators to your specific academic requirements and grade level. The planetarium can be used to teach multiple subjects in a way that will inspire and awe your students while they learn.

Planetariums have delighted students in hundreds of schools and we are confident that you and your students will be thrilled by the excitement and enchantment our program offers.

Book a school visit today and experience the magic of our state of the art Digital Planetarium!