Astronomy Program

Astronomy Program

Astronomy in the Planetarium

Our planetarium is ideally suited to teach astronomy. Powered by advanced simulation software, it can accurately and realistically model the universe from the surface of the Earth all the way to the realm of galaxies and the beginning of time. Programs are available for any grade – kindergarten to grade 12 – and adaptable to your academic requirements.

Ontario Curriculum Connection

Understanding Earth and Space Systems
Daily and Seasonal Changes (Grade 1)
Space (Grade 6)
The Study of the Universe (Grade 9 Academic)
Space Exploration (Grade 9 Applied)
Light and Geometric Optics (Grade 10 Academic)
Light and Applications of Optics (Grade 10 Applied)

Understanding Matter and Energy
Light and Sound (Grade 4)

Earth and Space Science
Astronomy – Science of the Universe (Grade 12 Academic)
Planetary Science – Science of the The Solar System (Grade 12 Academic)

Themes Include

  • Earth, Moon, and Sun
  • The Solar System
  • The Planets
  • Small Solar System Bodies
  • Star Finding
  • The Stars
  • Exoplanets
  • Galaxies & the Universe
  • Space Exploration

Sample Lesson Titles

Correlated to the Ontario Curriculum

Understanding Night and Day
Finding Our Way Around The Sky
The Year and Seasons
Phases Of The Moon
Lunar and Solar Eclipses
The Complete Tour Of Our Solar System
The Moons Of Planets
The Small Stuff – Asteroids & Comets
The Life And Death Of Stars
Our Galaxy And The Nearby Universe
Artificial Satellites and The Space Environment
Spacecraft Exploration In The Solar System

Photos from our simulation software